Про гамбургеры

Вот буржуины пишут:

The history of hamburgers is somewhat hazy and debatable since there is no clear documentation to chronicle its origin. However, many claim that the first hamburger ‘patty’ was born in medieval times when the Tartars (a band of Mongolian and Turkish warriors) placed pieces of beef under their saddles. The meat, tenderised when the warriors rode, would then be eaten raw, oblivious of the dangers of food poisoning.

The ancestor of the modern hamburger arrived at American shores in the 19th Century when German immigrants brought with them a dish called Hamburg style beef, which, in turn, had been brought to Hamburg from Russia some time around the 14th Century. It was in America that this raw, chopped piece of beef would evolve over time to become the succulent patty sandwiched in a bun that we call a hamburger.


А я давно утверждал, что правильный бургер выглядит вот так:


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