Vega RP-007 radio

In December 2008 on a Russian HAM radio forum a new Russian-designed receiver was introduced. It is called Vega RP-007, or, in Russian, Вега РП-007. The name utilises a well-known Soviet electronics brand Vega, together with a number starting from zero, which means “highest class” according to GOST standarts. Well, it is really a great receiver.

The receiver was ordered by Russian military as a replacement for “political officer receiver” Sinitchka MP-64 (Синичка МП-64), that caused its “camouflage” design and anti-shock, dust- and waterproof body. Also, the receiver has a built-in flashlight and can be powered from any voltage source from 6 to 30 volts.

As you can see, the package of the receiver is not a carton box, but a very useful plastic case, where all the needed accessories can be carried. The package includes headphones, two power adapters – for 12-30 V DC and 220 V AC, both of them could be used as chargers, an external extra-long antenna on a reel, 4 AA rechargeable accumulators and a cloth bag for the receiver.

The schematic of the receiver is traditional for high-class all-band receivers, it is a superheterodyne with two frequency transformations. First IF is 55.845 Mhz, second IF – 455 kHz. Though, the receiver is slightly improved compared to popular Degen 1102 and Sony 7600. Better electromagnetic shielding is added, which reduces interference.

The technical characteristics is similar to other receivers of comparable class. There are MW (530-1710 kHz), SW (3000 – 29999 kHz) and two FM bands: Russian (66-74 MHz) and “traditional” (88-108 MHz). The tuning step in MW bands is 9/10 kHz, in SW – 5 kHz with possibility of entering the frequency manually with 1 kHz step. In FM, the automatic tuning step is 100 kHz, and the manual step is 10 kHz. The sensitivity is quite good: 20 uV on SW, 1 mV/m on MW, and 10 uV on FM bands.

As any PLL tuned receiver, Vega RP-007 has memory for frequencies – total 300: 100 for FM, 100 for SW, 100 for MW. Also, there is an alarm clock with its separate memory cell. We have a full set of connectors – the external antenna, the headphones and a line-out. All the sockets can be protected from dust with rubber stoppers.

The only disappointing feature of the receiver is its size and weight. It is quite big due to its protected casing – 190 х 119 х 35 mm dimensions, and 720 g weight. Though, it can be used in any environment – the working temperature is from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, the case is dust- and waterproof and can stand more than 100 kg load.


Also, there are no rotating or protruding parts, all the control is made by the waterproof keyboard. This can seem unconvenient, but try to imagine the receiver being thrown in a wall. I am more than sure that all the valcoders and beatiful knobs of a “civil” receiver will not survive that, while Vega will continue to work allright, thanks to impact protection. The telescopic antenna can be totally hidden inside the case.

The price of the receiver is unannounced, though it is known that one of the members of the forum has bought this receiver for 4000 roubles, that is around 120-130 $. The production was limited, but there were talks of an improved version, with SSB and 12 kHz DRM converter, so you can connect a computer with some software, like Dream, to listen to digital shortwave radio.

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